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Resources to Assist Hospitals

In an effort to educate healthcare providers and the public on the impact of healthcare workplace violence, we are excited to launch the “Hospital Safe Zones” campaign. As we look to other industries to achieve high reliability in our clinical practices, we can also learn from industries that have reduced harm by developing a culture of safety. From “work zones” to “school zones,” we know that these efforts can succeed in bringing increased attention to one’s surroundings to enhance behavioral awareness. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are institutions of wellness that are held to a higher standard of health and safety for employees, patients, and visitors. Caregivers make a vow to do no harm, and we should make that same vow to them. Help Make Hospitals Safe Zones in South Carolina.

Workplace Violence Handbook

Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace Violence Checklist

Workplace Violence Incident Report

Workplace Violence Incident Log

Workplace Violence Do No Harm Poster

Workplace Violence It's Not Part of the Job Poster

Workplace Violence You Report We Support Poster

Workplace Violence Talking Points for Community Leaders and Policy Makers

Workplace Violence Talking Points for Hospital Administrators and Employees

Workplace Violence Talking Points for Legislators

Workplace Violence White Paper

Workplace Violence Powerpoint Presentation

WEBINAR: Protecting Employees by Building an Environment That Doesn’t Tolerate Violence

WEBINAR: Change Management Strategies: Achieving Buy-In and Finding Success

WEBINAR: Creating and Fostering a Culture of Zero Tolerance and Reporting Strategies

WEBINAR: Legal Insight and Data Collection: What you Need to Know